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Finally, a healthy liquid shot of nutrition that is both healthy, tasty, all natural, and delivers results you want! 


New Earth Co. is launching a new liquid product supporting Brain health and performance with New all Natural liquid nutrition shot called BioAgile

Daily renewal for your body and mind. Perfect for Athletes and active lifestyles. If you're looking for peak performance, optimal health, and a natural boost, learn more about BioAgile.

A New Earth Food and Natural Health Company (New Earth Co.) of Klamath Falls, Oregon announced details about BioAgile: a new daily renewal supplement in the liquid nutrition category.  The new liquid shot is an all natural liquid supplement providing health and performance benefits, energy boost, essential nutrients, and helping the body and mind to revitalize. 

The BioAgile liquid shot is a ground-breaking health and wellness product launch offering the first clean and natural liquid shot supplement for athletes, active lifestyles, sports performance, exercise, brain health, cognitive function, mental focus, and workout recovery.

The BioAgile liquid nutrition supplement is available now, try this tasty liquid nutrition shot and see how it can help with physical and mental performance. 

The BioAgile liquid nutrition supplement is a one-of-a-kind natural health product comprised of all natural ingredients, such as:  cognizin, sustamine, organic wild microalgae, vitamin D, ribose, leucin, blueberry, citrus, and other all natural products.  The liquid shot contains no added sugar, non GMO, no artificial sweeteners or colors, no energy crash, and is just 26 calories per serving!

The liquid shot has been in product development for 18 months, and was created by an expert team comprised of food and nutrition scientists, a global natural ingredient company, food and beverage consultants, and the New Earth Co. research and develop team.

For more information about BioAgile, New Earth, and the new liquid shot product, go to New Earth Co

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Natural Healthy Liquid Shot


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A natural healthy liquid shot for a healthyfuture.

Of all energy drinks, people want to know which is the best energy drink that is NSF certified for sports, peak performance, with ingredients that are natural, healthy, and made from real foods that provide essential nutrition for physical activity and mental boost.  Energy foods and healthy drinks , especially natural energy boosters, are necessary for athletes, moderate or intense exercise, energy renewal, workout recovery, strength, endurance, and brain health.  There are plenty of sports drinks that are inadequate as a sports supplement due to excessive artificial ingredients, flavor, color, sugar, calories, GMO, and other chemical preservatives that may be harmful to your health.  A healthy energy drink or healthy liquid shot is comprised of real natural superfoods and provide nutrients that build muscle and support important functions including brain health.  The New Earth liquid nutrition product is an all natural, healthy liquid shot with natural energy, glutamine, ribose, alanine, cognizin, sustamine, blue green algae (microalgae), and it is just 26 calories per serving.  So, when you want the best liquid nutrition energy and sports drink for optimal nutritional health and wellness, look for New Earth and the launch of BioAgile, a healthy liquid shot of nutrition that gives you a natural boost to physical and mental performance.  And, if you're looking for a health and wellness business opportunity, join the New Earth team.


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